Monday, September 30, 2013

June 2013

So the month of June... where to start? School ended (JOY TO THE WORLD), my softball team went 14-1 (but the one didn't count because it was against an all-star team...), life is sort of uneventful. I'm just absolutely completely relieved that I got a 4.3 GPA (yay nerdy me). The only bad part about the end of school is that I don't get to see my friends as much (lol I actually have friends that aren't invisible or imaginary). On the flip side, I don't have to see any of the people I hate anymore (SCORE). I went to a pool party, which meant I got in a pool (for the first time in a lot of years). I've never actually been swimming or to the beach for five or six years.
MOVIES! This year is just huge on movies! I am soooo excited! I'm planning on seeing multiple (Despicable Me 2, Now You See Me, Man of Steel, The Heat, This is the End, City of Bones, This is Us) If anyone has any more recommendations, please comment, I watch a lot of movies. I don't watch many in theaters, just a select few, but I wanna watch a bunch.
Also, since I have no life, I watch wayyyyyy too many tv shows. I literally have watched at least one season of every criminal investigation/ criminal justice show (as well as Disney and Nick).
The 'end of the year' sort of sense that June brings always a nostalgic feeling, so I have read the whole HP series once again (making it a total of thirty-some times at least) and watch the HSM movies again (I miss Zac Efron)
I've also become obsessed with the many different people on Youtube, as well as actors. I'm in love with Jamie Campbell Bower right now. At first, I wasn't the happiest when I realized that he was going to play Jace, but I watched a couple past interviews and now I realize that he is the one and only Jace. There cannot be another.
I'm also very emotional and stressed right now. I need to take care of my grandparents, and I feel like my parents are treating me a lot more harshly than my brother. Just because he's the firstborn and he's a guy doesn't mean you have to act all Asian and ignore the second born girl.
Well, I'm doing one of these every month as a reflection of my life. I guess it's a sort of therapy for me... anyways... HAPPY SUMMER!

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