Monday, September 30, 2013

July 2013

Well, July is over... it's been very stressful for me. I should probably be doing homework instead of typing this, but what's a five minute break? Softball is over for me, we didn't qualify for states ('cause we really aren't a travel team), but we got second. I'd rather be third than second... who wants to be the first loser? To reach the door but never make it in? Yeah, well, good luck to the other team.
I went to Wonderland for the first time! If you're not Canadian, I don't expect you to know where that is. I had a blast, but I'm not a huge roller coaster freak, so I didn't go on the Leviathan or Behemith or anything like that. The waterpark is a lot of fun, but it has huge lines after lunch, so always go to the waterpark first. I did go on Vortex about five or six times, but mostly, I just walked around. I got terribly sunburnt, and I realized that I actually burn really easily. My back was burnt and I had a t-shirt on the whole day.
The rest of July was pretty uneventful. I saw a lot of movies, though. I highly advise Despicable Me 2. If you're a kid, go see it. If you're an immature teen like me, go see it. If you're a 40-year-old pedophile, stay away from small children. If you're celebrating your 10 year anniversary, congratulations, and go watch DM2. I also saw Grown Ups 2, which wasn't as good, but kind of funny. If you are an immature teen who doesn't care if a movie has a plot, go see it. If you are a teenage guy, go see it. If you are a teenage girl, go see Taylor Lautner do 12 backflips in a row. I also saw The Wolverine. Okay... BY FAR, the best movie, at least, for my taste. I LOVE action movies. I LOVE Hugh Jackman. I LOVE laughing at people who don't understand Japanese (because there is a lot of that in this movie). GO WATCH IT! Another movie I saw (not in theaters) was G.I.Joe: Retaliation, because once again, I am a HUGE action lover. I did not see The Conjuring, nor do I plan to because movies like that scare the shit out of me because I am highly superstitious. I may go watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, but probably not. I'll probably Netflix it when it comes out. I AM GOING TO WATCH CITY OF BONES BECAUSE IT IS BOSS!
One, please never compare Hunger Games to City of Bones or I will track you down and punch you in the face. Two, go watch the movie when it comes out (Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower and Robbie Sheehan and Godfrey Gao and Kevin Zegers and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are in it!) Three, if you know, please tell me if Church is in the movie!
I AM SO MAD! I AM MISSING LITTLE MIX IN NYC (August 2) BY 1 DAY AND IN LA BY 2 DAYS! And I also have been stalking 1D, not purposefully. See, I was in NY when they were in NY, I was in Philly when they were in Philly. I missed them by 1 day in Pittsburgh, and in Toronto. I am also missing them in Vancouver, Seattle, and LA. My life totally sucks.
Well, now I have to get back to homework. Enjoy the rest of your summer and don't procrastinate!

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